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8/14 – My Heart Trusts in Him (Psalm 28)


Introduction — Here David calls out to the Lord. He asks the Lord to hear his cry. David knows that if the Lord remains silent, then he’s in big trouble. He’s going down. In themes expressed in previous psalms, David asks the Lord to keep him from evil men, and to bring justice to evil men. David then brings reverent praise to the Lord. He blesses the Lord because the Lord listened. The Lord heard David’s intense plea for mercy. His heart exults in the Lord’s help. His mouth sings thanks to the Lord. David knows that the Lord is his strength and shield. David asks the Lord to save and bless His people, caring for them like a shepherd. David calls out to the Lord because he trusts the Lord. Indeed, David trusts in Him. How about us? Do we call out to the Lord? Do we desire to live a righteous life? Do we ask the Lord to be gracious in His justice? Do we want to avoid those who constantly do wrong? Do we honor the Lord? Do we sing to Him? Do we thank Him? Do we trust in Him?


The LORD is my strength and my shield. The LORD is my rescue and my song. I know He is faithful. I trust Him with my life. My heart trusts in the LORD to do what only He can do. Therefore, I will . . .


Plead with the LORD to hear me. (1-2)

1 To You, O Lord, I call; my rock, do not be deaf to me, for if You are silent to me, I will become like those who go down to the pit. Hear the voice of my supplications when I cry to You for help, when I lift up my hands toward Your holy sanctuary.

Comments: Here, in a desperate plea, David calls out to the Lord. David urges the Lord to hear his prayer. David begs the Lord not to turn a deaf ear to his fervent prayer. David knows that if the Lord does not come through, then he’s in big trouble. Questions: How about us? Do we plead with the Lord like this? Do we know how much we need the Lord? Do we cry out for the Lord to hear us? Do we plead with Him to hear us?

Illustration: O my God, incline Your ear and hear! Open Your eyes and see our desolations and the city which is called by Your name; for we are not presenting our supplications before You on account of any merits of our own, but on account of Your great compassion. ~ Daniel 9:8


Ask the LORD to care for me. (3-5)

Do not drag me away with the wicked and with those who work iniquity, who speak peace with their neighbors, while evil is in their hearts. Requite them according to their work and according to the evil of their practices; requite them according to the deeds of their hands; repay them their recompense. Because they do not regard the works of the Lord nor the deeds of His hands, He will tear them down and not build them up.


Comments: Clearly, David does not want to go the way of the wicked. So, he asks the Lord to protect him, to care for him. By God’s grace, he sees the dark hearts of those who pursue iniquity, who speak peace with their neighbors, while evil dwells within. In his request for the Lord to care for him, David asks Him to show justice to those with no desire to repent. David knows that sin earns a wage of destruction; therefore, he asks the Lord to spare him, to care for him. He seeks God’s mercy and grace. Questions: Do we ask the Lord to care for us? Do we seek the Lord’s grace? Do we plead for His mercy? Do we plead for His justice, for His will to be done? Illustration:  Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time, casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you. ~ 1 Peter 5:6-7


Praise the LORD for hearing me. (6-7)

Blessed be the Lord, because He has heard the voice of my supplication. The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him, and I am helped; therefore my heart exults, and with my song I shall thank Him.


Comments: David moves from pleading with the Lord to praising the Lord. David blesses to the Lord for hearing his sincere, urgent prayer. David stands in wonder before the Lord, His strength and shield.  With abiding trust in the Lord, David’s heart bursts with thanks to the Lord.

Questions: How about us? Do we thank the Lord? Do we stand in wonder before Him? Do we speak well of Him? Do we see Him as our strength and shield? Do we praise the Lord for hearing our urgent prayers? Illustration: In my distress I called upon the Lord, yes, I cried to my God; and from His temple He heard my voice, and my cry for help came into His ears. ~ 2 Samuel 22:7


Ask the LORD to care for His people. (8-9)

The Lord is their strength, and He is a saving defense to His anointed. Save Your people and bless Your inheritance; be their shepherd also, and carry them forever.


Comments: David’s focus shifts to the Lord’s care for the Lord’s people. David is aware of the Lord’s reach, the Lord’s vast love. David notes how “the LORD is their strength,” too.  Since the Lord protects those who belong to Him, David asks the Lord to care for them. “Save Your people and bless Your inheritance,” David implores. Lastly, David urges the Lord to shepherd His people and to carry them forever. David certainly wants the best for those who serve with him and serve under him. And, so, he pleads on their behalf. Questions: Do we plead, desperately urge the Lord to rescue and bless, for those who belong to the Lord? Do we want the best for those who follow the Lord? Do we ask the Lord to guide them? Do we ask Him to protect them? Do we see the Lord’s vast love for them? Do we cry out to the Lord to care for His people? Illustration: I am the good shepherd; the good shepherd lays down His life for the sheep. ~ John 10:11


Word Study for Psalm 28

1 rock (sur—rock; cliff; boulder; stone; crag, steep elevation of rock; mountain)

2 hear (sama—listen; understand; cause to hear; able to hear; receive news)

2 supplications (tahanun—pleading; plea for mercy; request for favor; earnest prayer)

3 drag away (masak—pull away; seize; carry off; pull; stretch; deploy)

4 requite (natan—give; hand down; set; place; allow; offer; permit)

4 repay (sub—turn back; return; answer; give back)

4 recompense (gemul—benefit; deeds; what is deserved; retribution)

5 regard (bin—discern; understand; see; pay attention; consider; perceive; look closely)

5 tear down (haras—throw down; annihilate; overthrow; break; destroy; ruin; demolish)

6 bless (barak—kneel; praise; honor; invoke a blessing; extol; thank for greatness)

7 trusts (batah—confide in; set ones’ hope in; be full of confidence; believe; rely on; believe in)

7 helped (azar—support; aid; assist; come to help)

8 strength (oz—might; power; fortress; fortification; stronghold; safe place; boldness; well-founded)

9 save (yasa—deliver; set free; help; rescue; be victorious; make open, spacious)

9 shepherd (raah—care for any needs of flocks; tend; keep; herd; feed; be a shepherd; rule)

9 carry (nasa—lift up; raise up; pardon; bear; carry off; elevate)

9 forever (olam—long time; lasting; eternity; everlasting)


Application for Psalm 28

Let’s call out to God when we’re in trouble.

Let’s trust God to lift us out of the trouble.

Let’s ask God to protect us.
Let’s ask God to be just.
Let’s bow down before God.

Let’s marvel at His majesty.
Let’s trust in Him.

Let’s praise Him.

Let’s thank Him.

Let’s ask Him to be gracious to us.


Gospel Connections for Psalm 28

Jesus is our rock. He is our refuge. He is our rescue. He hears our cries. He protects us from evil. He is our righteousness. He tore down the wall of sin and death. He reconciles us to the Father.  Jesus is our strength. Jesus is our shield. Jesus is our help. Bless His holy name. We can turn to Him. We can thank Him. We can trust Him.


Thoughts and Quotes for Psalm 28

If God is going to write your love story, He's going to first need your pen. ~ Eric Ludy


The reason some of us are such poor specimens of Christianity is because we have no Almighty Christ. We have Christian attributes and experiences, but there is no abandonment to Jesus Christ. ~ Oswald Chambers


I want to cultivate a deep sense of gratitude, of groundedness, of enough, even while I’m longing for something more. The longing and the gratitude, both. I’m practicing believing that God knows more than I know, that he sees what I can’t, that he’s weaving a future I can’t even imagine from where I sit this morning. ~ Shauna Niequist


Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters. ~ Albert Einstein


My trust in God flows out of the experience of his loving me, day in and day out, whether the day is stormy or fair, whether I'm sick or in good health, whether I'm in a state of grace or disgrace. He comes to me where I live and loves me as I am. ~ Brennan Manning


Basically, there are two paths you can walk: faith or fear. It's impossible to simultaneously trust God and not trust God. ~ Charles Stanley