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My Hope is in You                       Psalm 39


Psalm 39:1-3


David chooses to keep silent in his trouble, Why?

    David is in a struggle, his struggle is with God.  He wants to speak to God about what is happening in his life but there are wicked men around him and he doesn't want to say anything against God while in their present

    David holds his tongue for as long as he can

    The fire builds in his heart until he must speak


Speaking out when we are hurting is natural.  Ever use a hammer and miss the nail and hit you thumb or finger?  $#%&!&(%$!!!  That is what David does not wan to do to God.


 Have you ever had something you wanted to say and you tell yourself you will not saying and then it suddenly comes bursting out! 

    That is where David is. 

    But he understands the power of the tongue and tries to hold it in but the fire is too strong.


James speaks about the power of the tongue in James 3:6, 8


Let's look at our lives.

    Do we speak out when we feel wronged?

    Do we lash out when others distort the truth against us or to accuse us?

    It can be very difficult to remain silent and not retaliate.


As a Christian we are committed to trust in and to follow Jesus.  Our response to these issues should always be in love for it is not about being right but about showing Jesus' love to others.  Holding back your tongue can be your greatest witness to the love of God for a non believer.


In David words we are reminded of someone else that chose to remain silent.  Jesus


Isaiah 53:7  In His passion week Jesus would be put on trial, slapped and abused by the high priest and temple guards and then thrust before Pilate.  But Jesus would not speak, He would hold His tongue in check.  If he spoke others would use His words against Him and against the Father.  Instead Jesus chose to be silent and in doing so fulfilled the prophecy.


We need to use Jesus as our model and hold our tongues.  Trust God, pray to Him to fight your battle rather than do it yourself, He has much greater power than you and has never lost!


Psalm 39:4-6


Jay Johnston uses this illustration regarding the length or span of a man's life, the Sequoia National Forest?  Some of the trees are almost 300 feet tall.  The widest sequoia measures 155 feet in diameter, half the length of a football field.  They are also some of the oldest living things on earth.  The oldest living sequoia is estimated to be 3500 years old.  Our lives are tiny when we compare ourselves in size and lifespan to the giant sequoias.  How do we look compared to God? 


A handbreadth is 3.5”.  A handbreadth in years would be 72 years or 3.5” high, a sequoia lives 3500 years or equal to 14 feet tall, what is the length of eternity?


Psalm 39:5b  I think David wrote this later in life, age brings understanding and wisdom

    Perspectives change as we get older, life does not seem so long

    Older people understand the brevity of life and the loss of time spent in our youth chasing unimportant things

    That is David's point in verse 6

    History only records a few people being here, most of us are phantoms or shadows in the pages of history

    Life will end before we know it, even the very rich will die


Ecclesiastes 1:2  Our lives on this earth are just a phantom that will disappear in to flash.

    The pursuit of wealth will give us only a temporary security-we eventually die

    There is more ahead of us than just this life-Eternity awaits

    But what will eternal life be for you?  Joy or pain? Peace or torment?

    If you seek only things for this life it is a vain and meaningless pursuit

    Pursue God, go after the One that pursued you first

    The One who gives us hope and eternal joy


Psalm 39:7  David has put his hope in God not his possessions and his power as king, he has moved from hopelessness to eternal hope by choosing Yahweh. Today we would say “We have chosen to put our hope in Christ.  Colossians 2:17


Where are you placing your hope?  When pain and trials strike, are you placing your hope in your own strength or in the strength of our eternal Savior, Jesus.  I say eternal Savior because there will never be a time, ever, that He cannot save.  If mankind lasts another 10,000 years before Jesus returns He will be able to save then just as He does now.  When the judgment comes our lives will not be measured by the things we accumulated but by where we put our hope and trust.  Our hope must be found in Jesus.


Psalm 39:8-11  When we face discipline we have a choice change our behavior or suffer the consequences

    David acknowledges his sin and that his pain comes from God's discipline

    God's discipline brings correction to our lives                                                

    God does not enjoy disciplining us but does enjoy our renewed fellowship when we turn back to Him, His love never stops throughout the discipline process


In our discipline God cuts to our heart and removes the sin we love so that our love may be given solely to Him.  The choice in these situations is to turn back to God or continue to feel the pain.


Psalm 39:11  We are but a breath, a vapor.  Invest in the things of God: Jesus, the Gospel and sharing it with people.  All else will be consumed.


Psalm 39:12-13  David pleads for God to hear his cries, to not turn away from him.  You see that is what sin does, it causes the Father to look away and we feel the pain that the void of broken relation causes.  Jesus did the same thing on the cross.  Mark 15:34


 David calls himself a foreigner, a stranger, like his ancestors.

     We are all just traveling through this life,it is temporary, our real home awaits us after this life.


We do not belong here, just passing through on our way to an eternity of joy with God or one of anguish away from Him. 


Philippians 3:20  “But our citizenship is in Heaven.  And we eagerly await a Savior

 from there, the Lord Jesus Christ.”


Read-As we wait for our Savior's return or the end of this fleeting life, what will happen to you?  Where have you placed your hope?